Angela Vanity comes out as transgender

Youtube user Angela Vanity comes out to the world as transgender. She lets us know how uncomfortable she was as a boy and gives us an insight into her emotional state at the time. It is a deep thought provoking video which leaves us happy for Angela and her promising future as a trans woman.



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  1. amazing such a perfect helpful video brave honest lovley lady that is inspiration to all,this explains help others and all to realise the hardship suffering jealiousy and truth about a lovley lady perfect and admired wanting to be free and live love and become her own self in her own life,which is every person right to live as they please ,in there life and bravery they need to do and be who they really are ,stunning pretty and free,with that they can shine florish and glow,she is a credt to gender and she is helping all in video and saving liives by admiting and publishing such true diarys about her and life ,go girl x

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