Caitlyn Jenner claims Donald Trump would make a great President

Transgender role model Caitlyn Jenner of the TV show “I Am Cait” and former olympian Bruce Jenner says Donald Trump is the right man for the job of President of the USA. As a long time republican and conservative who at one time denounce gay marriage publically supports Donald Trump for republican candidate for run for the white house. She goes on to say Hillary Clinton is a liar and should be in jail. Where does this support for Donald come from one must ask. If we look back to the summer of 2015 when Bruce Jenner was coming out. Donald Trump even offered her a judging role in Miss Universe. One can assume the publicity would be great for the former Trump owned pageant but were Bruce and Trump friends prior? We know Bruce loves golf and so does the Donald, was their partnership based in the deep love for the sport of the putter and ball?

This love for the right wing has caitlyn being pushed outside of the transgender community borders as they would love to have her support a more liberal left leaning Hillary Clinton leaving many in the transgender community confused and dismayed. It has left many asking after the love they gave her , has she now turned her back on them?

caitlyn jenner trump golf




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